What is meant by extra chilli?

Extra chilli is one type of casino game and it is based on slot type of game. In extra chilli, it has six reels. Each reel has different numbers. This is a worldwide game and it is played all around the world. It is a very interesting game and we can get exciting gifts by winning this game. Some of the people may think it’s very tough to play, but it is very easy to play by spinning the wheel and it is luck based one.

How it attracts the people?

First off all we should appreciate the designer of this game. The theme and the graphics is a mesmerizing one. It attracts each and every one. That’s why people get attracted on this game. Hence all the credit goes to the software developer. We can become a millionaire by playing this game.

How to play it?

extra chilli slot

As we know that extra chilli is one of the very easiest game among the all-online casino games. Even though all will be having a doubt, how we can play it in online? It’s very simple; we can enter into the valid website. After entering into the valid website, we can see the allow button on the left corner of the screen. By clicking that allow button we can enter into the main page. There we can see play button on the screen. By clicking that play button, the game starts. We know that the slot have six reels and there can be a two to seven symbols per reel. So the probability of winning chance in each spin is 117649.

What are all the offers present here?

In order to get the bonus round, we should place the word HOT anywhere on the reel. Then we are provided with a free spin wheel. Initially we will get eight free spin. By using this chance we can increase the spin chance up to twelve and then to sixteen. We can continue earning the free spins tremendously.  During this bonus round, there is a chance of increasing the multipliers too.